Octagenarian Australian star arrested in the Savile case is allegedly Rolf Harris

rolf harrisBloggers and tweets are claiming that the 82 year old Australian star from Berkshire that was arrested yesterday is allegedly Rolf Harris. A high-profile BBC star for more than 50 years and a revered celebrity, who was commissioned to paint a portrait of the queen for her 80th birthday in 2005, he is alleged to have told friends that “this is destroying me”. A Scotland Yard spokesman said the man was interviewed under caution in November last year, after his home in Berkshire was searched. He has been bailed until May.

Rolf Harris has been part of our entertainment industry since the 1960s and unlike Savile, who always had a slightly disturbing appearance, Harris always seemed to be the untouchable legendary star, like Ronnie Corbett and Bruce Forsyth. I personally hope that this part of the investigation proves unfounded, as he has brought simple pleasure to many lives and it would be a sad day if his legacy was tarnished in this way.