Henry Page is a teacher and journalist from Newhaven, Eat Sussex, England. His politics are left-of-centre and he is an anti-theist. His professional interests lie in journalism, linguistics, language and second language acquisition, media-assisted language teaching and online learning. His political interests lie in information gathering and lobbying, either direct to individual politicians or through media resources (Newspapers, blogs, radio programmes, and electronic text services).

Henry has a diploma in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), a postgraduate certificate in media-assisted language teaching and a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there Henry,

    I’m a producer for HuffPost Live in New York. I’m producing a segment on the Facebook gambling act on Monday and wanted to speak to you about your blog. We think you’d make a great guest to speak about the Facebook app. If you’d like to contact me that would be great. I’m on twitter @tarakelly

    Tara Kelly

  2. Hi Dad,

    So you live in Eat Sussex? I know we live in Newhaven but that is no reason to add a sly Freudian slip into the mix for those attentive enough to have noticed!

    And to all those who read this blog, yes I am Henry’s son (also a Henry – the VIII in fact), and if he permits I will also be posting comments and may even join in on the blog. A lot of the ideas we have are very similar, it’s just that I have a slightly more headstrong approach to the fundamentals of life.

    All my love,


  3. Hi Henry. My name is Alison Tosh,. You kindly wrote an article about our son Arran Tosh along side a few words about Stephen Sutton. Arran passed away 2 years ago now after being diagnosed with a brain tumour only 5 days before. I thought you would be interested to know that he has now raised over £80.000!! We set up a charity called The Smile of Arran. People from all over have been fundraising in Arran’s memory. The Proclaimers are now the Patrons of the charity!!. We have partnered up with CLIC Sargent & they donate our Arran grants to the children who are diagnosed with Brain tumours/ brain cancer. We also support Adenbrookes with their music therapy for children. Whave our own website now, & people from all over the world have our famous wristbands.. Celebrities have even had their Wristband selfies taken too. All the photos are on the website . We are at the stage where we would love to get it in the media further than our local papers & wondered if you would like to do another article? I look forward to hearing from you.

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