Former Justice Minister Ken Clarke: We should settle Islamic State jihadists back down in the UK.


WS Churchill - appeasers

Will returning jihadists really be met with this muddled response?

Former Justice Minister, Ken Clarke says “see what you can do to settle them down to stop them being seduced back into this kind of thing when they’re back in England”


Conservative MP Kenneth Clark was interviewed on the ‘World at One’ programme this lunchtime about the problems posed by the Islamic State and potential military intervention using British armed services. At the conclusion of the discussion, James Robbins asked Ken Clarke “Is it possible, desirable, legally possible to strip British jihadists of their citizenship?”. This was Ken Clarke’s reply:

“Countries cannot render their own citizens stateless and there are thousands of these people, there are more French than British, I think, a lot of Americans … all kinds of people there … if the reaction of the states of which they’re citizens is to start stripping them all of citizenship and somehow saying they should stay there, I’m sure the leaders of ISIS will be absolutely delighted

That far his argument made sense, though in reality no stabilising state wants those that are rebellious of nature as part of the mainspring of their new government, if indeed the Islamic State achieves an approach to stability. Equally, it is legally possible to rescind the British citizenship of a person who has dual-nationality, as many of the jihadists will possess two nationalities, the other being the country that they or their parents emigrated from.

What Ken Clarke said next, though, was quite disturbing ..

… what of course what you do have to do, when your citizens return, is firstly to decide if its safe to allow them to return if there is some legal way of temporarily delaying the worst ones, that is (er) worth looking at, if in fact there are people who have regretted it, had enough of it, want to get out of it, then you’ve got to make sure you know they’re coming back, see what you can do to settle them down to stop them being seduced back into this kind of thing when they’re back in England”

The interview can be heard on BBC iPlayer here. It begins 30′:03″ into the programme and the above quote can be heard between 34′:08″ and 35′:20″.

Where does Ken Clarke think these people have been? His response is more suited to football hooligans than those who have likely committed mass murder at the least. Islamic State atrocities include mass executions, ethnic cleansing, genocide, slavery, torture, sexual abuse, forced religious conversions – heaven knows what else – and Mr. Clarke’s response to such an abhorrent list of war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out by the jihadists is that we should see what we can do “to settle them down to stop them being seduced back into this kind of thing when they’re back in England”?

We are back in the Afghanistan situation again. You may remember that British Muslims who went to Afghanistan and were caught ans suspected of joining the Taliban or, worse still, al Qaeda, were imprisoned in Guantanamo Detention Centre and then we – the British public – had to pay them seven figure sums each after they returned here because of their ‘human rights abuses’. That having been said, how do we differentiate between the jihadists who went out solely to see if the Islamic State is a good Muslim country or those who committed appalling atrocities? 

Would YOU want to live near to these jihadists?

It is essential that the government makes an urgent statement to detail how they will prevent these men from returning to the UK and committing further bloodshed. It isn’t just white Christians (or atheists for that matter) who are potential targets. Ordinary, law-abiding Muslims will be at risk, especially their young men who will be considered traitors in the eyes of the men returning from their failed jihad. 

The government must respond to this threat – the British public deserve to know how these potential terrorists will be dealt with if they return to the UK.


Should Jihadists from the Islamic State be allowed back in the UK?


Western jihadists in training in Syria

Western jihadists in training in Syria

Dual nationality jihadists may have UK nationality rescinded

Over the last week the media has been pondering – or should that be ‘pontificating’ – over what should be done about returnees from the Islamic State slaughterfest in Syria and Iraq. The Guardian online noted that

“many of the British jihadis want to return home, having grown disillusioned with the internecine warfare between rebel forces – which prompts the question of what or who inspired them to go in the first place.” Guardian, September 7, 2014.

Sorry? What inspired them? The prevailing inspiration would have been minimal, to be frank. Apart from the ‘we’re all Muslims together on a Jihad’ thing, clearly they had spent far too much time tweeting and texting each other with blood-curdling visions of not-so-derring-do and hadn’t really thought about the range of options that would be forced upon them, thereby shafting their psychology for the next decade or seven: They grew ‘disillusioned with the internecine warfare between rebel forces’? Hello, Jihadis? You scuttled off to the Middle East without doing any research, didn’t you? The Middle East is the home of internecine slaughter at strategic pinch-points in history. Let me put it into perspective: The Middle East is what Northern Ireland was, and those running the conflict in Northern Ireland took lessons, and semtex, from Middle Eastern war barons.

Internecine conflicts in the Middle East? Really?

What did you expect when you went there? Did you have Richard The Lionheart-like visions of righting wrongs or Muhammadan dreams of battling with Tagheet governments, with certain victory and afterwards sitting in Bedouin tents in the evening eating sheeps’ eyeballs washed down with camel’s milk while you gradually worked towards the utopian Islamic State? Not likely really, is it? 

You can be sure of one thing in the Middle East, as soon as you have a winning formula, someone else wants it. Just as you think you are winning, in comes another splinter group from somewhere or another that disputes your claim to your victory. It’s a bit like Monty Python’s People’s Front of Judea and their battles with the Judean People’s Front.

The Middle East is the headiest mix of influences, geopolitical, tribal and sectarian warfare is the certain punctuation mark of the comings and goings of Asia Minor, driven by oil, or water or anything else that is deemed to be of strategical importance. The men who invented Islam knew it, that’s why it was so uniquely ‘are you one of us’ and if you were then you would die if you rebelled. It was meant to unify and in a sense it did, but when Muhammad died, guess what? No one could decide who should succeed him:

If a son had existed, perhaps the whole history of Islam would have been different. The discord, the civil war, the rival caliphates, the split between Sunni and Shia — all might have been averted.

Mohammed died ‘abtar’ (as they say in Arabic), meaning without male issue, ‘curtailed, cut off, severed’. That was the beginning of the long and bloody history of internecine sectarianism and division; and one that we see to this day.

In a western sense, armies are run on discipline but Middle Eastern armies are run on numbers of people – big numbers – they’re largely ineffective but there’s lots of them. The problem is always the arousal of tribal or sectarian loyalties and these have been behind the conflict in the recently wrecked Libya and now it is wrecking Iraq and Syria. Some of the recruits to the IS jihad may well regret going in the first place, especially when the dust settles and the rivers of blood dry up. 

The British Nationality Act grants the government authority to revoke the citizenship of any dual national or naturalised citizen whose presence in the U.K. isn’t “conducive to the public good.” Many such exuberant but misguided Muslim youths, although possibly second or third generation immigrants, may well have dual nationality, the second nationality stemming from their ancestral origins. If that is the case, the Geneva Convention will not apply in terms of repudiated UK statehood, as they won’t be stateless if the UK authorities decide that these people are not welcome back, and I for one wouldn’t blame our government for doing just that.


Argentine police-major fakes wounding with intent by throwing himself onto the windscreen of a car

Officer throws himself onto a passing car

An Argentine police-major was filmed by a nearby media crew faking a negligent wounding charge against the driver by throwing himself onto the windscreen of a car. The officer, Police-Major Juan Alberto Lopez-Torales, threw himself into the path of a car and the surrounding police officers then arrested the hapless driver, additionally accusing him of assault and resisting arrest.

Injury charge faked by police action

It is evident that the incident is faked by Torales, as he rolls off the bonnet of the car in a manoeuvre that is similar to a parachutists’ landing fall, a safety technique that allows them to land safely and without injury. The technique is also used by paratroopers, ground-rolling when throwing themselves during exercises.

National security spokesman supports officer’s actions

A spokesman for Argentina’s National Security has said that the driver “broke traffic laws” and that the officer was following “standard procedure”, which leaves you with the distinct impression that maybe the authorities corrupting justice is systemic in Argentina.

The incident happened on the Pan-Americana highway in Buenos Aires in July, but the footage was only uploaded recently. It happened in the course of protests about redundancies at a multinational auto parts company. 

Policía argentina principales falsificaciones hiriendo con la intención de arrojarse sobre el parabrisas de un coche

Peppa Pig petition by Muslims who want her banned is gaining strength


Peppa Pig’s new PC look – no silly, I don’t mean police constable

Peppa, the kids’ all-time favourite cartoon pig could soon be toast (or should that be roast?) after a British Muslim father started a petition to get  Peppa Pig removed from the DVD shelves of supermarkets and scuppered on our TV screens.

Facebook page set up for the protest, Muslims against Peppa Pig, racked up almost 3,000 followers in a short space of time. Worse still, a petition that lobbies for the show to be pulled from children’s TV is also attracting anti-Peppa party-poopers.

Zayn Sheikh, who set up the Facebook campaign, maintains that the pig, forbidden in Islam, is luring little kiddies from the straight path and into the ways of the devil (on horseback presumably) stopping them from becoming good Muslims. He claims that his son has abandoned his goal of becoming a doctor though it is difficult to imagine that he hankers after being a pig farmer.

“For us Muslims it is very important that we do not eat meat of the pork,” Sheikh from Bradford said in a video posted online. “It is completely wrong that our kids are being shown these things on TV,” He want to see the poor piggy replaced by an ‘Abdullah the Cat’ cartoon.

“Children still need cartoons to develop their minds. I propose we introduce Abdullah the cat. I think that if we had a good Muslim cartoon then our children would be better Muslims.”

In an attempt to deflect the Muslim uprising against her, Peppa has taken to wearing a burqa in the hope that she will be seen as ‘more Islamic’.

In the meantime, there is a groundswell of people who are trying to save Peppa’s bacon by criticising the protest and petition.

“I’m sorry I am Muslim and really do not see the problem with Peppa Pig at all. My children watch it and will soon grow out of it, it isn’t like there is a pig on screen saying eat me,” said one dis-grunt-led fellow. The Muslim Council of Britain said the Peppa protest wasn’t something most Muslims would follow.

No no no no no!

No no no no no!

#BurnISISFlagChallenge is upon us, just in time for Bonfire Night

Burning the IS flag

                                          Burning the IS flag in Sassine Square, Beirut

Flag-burning in the Middle-East, surely not? Islamic State Lebanon Flag Burn

An extremely daring social media campaign has emerged from the Middle-East that sets out to reject the very existence of the Islamic State.

This new Arab spring involves burning the IS flag, in a protest that resembles the Ice Bucket Challenge as it appears you have to nominate the next flag burner. It would go down well in Pakistan but for the fact that the flag has “There is no god but God and Muhammad is his Prophet” written right across it.

Three Lebanese youths uploaded photos of themselves burning the flag of the Islamic State in Sassine Square in Beirut. This was followed by an anonymous YouTube user, again from Lebanon, who posted a video clip in which he also burnt the flag. He then invited others to take part in the #BurnISISFlagChallenge.

Criticism of the protest BurnISISFlagChallenge.

However, there has been criticism of the campaign, not least from the Minister of Justice in Lebanon, Ashraf Rifi, who accused the participants of the flag-burning in Sassine Square of insulting Islam because the flag contains words that express the Islamic faith, words from the Qur’an. Rifi was quoted as saying in Asharq Al-Awsat “this has nothing to do with IS and its terrorist approach.”

A number of Lebanese MPs also criticized Rifi’s statement. Ibrahim Kanaan, a member of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc, came forward to say he will represent the three boys accused of burning the flags if a case against them makes it to court.

Nabil Naqoula, a Change and Reform member, rejected Rifi’s call concerning the incident and begged him to withdraw the request he had made to the state prosecutor. “The youths who burned the ISIS flag did not mean to insult the Islamic religion,” Naqoula said, adding that “this flag does not represent Islam in the slightest.”

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, asked the Prime Minister Tammam Salam to “be wary of sectarian conflict and from taking any decisions which could lead to it.” He implored Lebanese Christians to “not confuse IS with Islam, nor the Prophet’s flag with that of IS, because Islam is the furthest thing possible from IS”.

Another, Emad Bezi, tweeted sarcastically: “Ashraf Rifi is asking for those who burned the ISIS flag to be brought to justice—since the embassy from [Abu Bakr] Baghdadi’s state [the “Caliphate” declared by IS in Iraq] might resent this, and this might cause a diplomatic crisis between us.”

Criticism of Rifi also filled social media websites, with many calling for the minister to resign or be sacked, and others calling for mass protests to burn the militant groups’ flags, using a hashtag in Arabic meaning “Burn it.”

How about you? Do you fancy posting your video of the IS flag in flames?

Go on -  you know you want to

Go on – you know you want to

Lewes Bonfire Society Guy Fawkes 5th November


Has Rowan Atkinson followed Gerard Depardieu to Russia?

Comrade Strelkov (Стрелков)

Igor Strelkov imagined on Good Night, Little Ones

Russia isn’t well known for its internationally acclaimed television programmes but its longest running children’s TV puppet show ‘Good Night, Kids’ has been on the air for 50 years and is still as popular as ever. Such an icon it is in the jewel of Russian TV that no less a patron than Vladimir Putin conceived the idea of a new cartoon character to enhance the kiddies’ pleasure, and possibly President Putin’s too.

“At first the idea was rather unexpected,” programme producer Alexander Mitroshenkov tells RIA Novosti news agency. “But when we examined it in detail we realised that it was a winner!” Mr. Mitroshenko is as famous in Russia as Michael Jackson was in the USA. Whereas Michael Jackson, by way of surgical and cosmetic intervention, made himself look like Diana Ross, Mr. Mitroshenko appears to have restyled himself on Imelda Marcos, the widow of the late Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos:



A prize for who can tell which is Imelda Marcos and Alexander Mitroshenkov

Имельда Маркос и Александр Митрошенков

Russian social media sites were trending with mockery for poor Mitroshenkov’s vomit-worthy fawning over Putin’s mind-boggling nomination of a character for the kiddies’ show. A social media junkie called Dedushka Udava jeered at Mitroshenkov and his crony colleagues on the Vzgliad website for “grovelling to state officials” berating their suitability to be anything of influence in children’s’ TV.

The most imaginative suggestions have, however, come from comments trying to envisage what the new character will look like. Mitroshenkov, determined to cling to the anticipation, has said only that the character will emerge from the “same enchanted forest as the show’s established puppets Khriusha the piglet and Stepasha the hare.” 

The internetsky has been ablaze with suggestions that the new idol could be Igor Strelkov – a leading rebel in the pro-Moscow militia in eastern Ukraine, “straight from the Donbass forest”.

Others have suggested that Mr. Bean may emerge as the winner, especially as this image appeared online in Russia recently:


              Putin and Mr. Bean … is this beans on toast?


Until it was realised that the ‘will have Bean’ is actually Vladislav Surkov, a Russian businessman and politician widely believed to be the mastermind behind Russia’s land-grab in Crimea, though he appears to have styled himself on Mr. Bean because NEITHER of the above images shows Rowan Atkinson!

 Then there is the suggestion that it is a prominent Putin loyalist by the name of Sergei Kurginian, a man who seems to spend half his life posing with rifles, whilst others have mocked the character Vatnichek – or Little Padded Jacket – an internet meme used to mock Russian ultra-patriots, but if you look at the two of them together it would seem that Kurginian went to Dr. Woffles Wu for his plastic makeover as he’s a dead ringer for the little Russian ‘Spongebob Squarepants’.

               Sergei Kurginian and Vatnichek, satirical suggestions for children's TV

Sergei Kurginian with Vatnichek, Russia’s Spongebob Squarepants

 Сергей Кургинян с Vatnichek

And the new character? All will be revealed, apparently, at the beginning of October.

Does the BBC’s use of the liquid cocaine allusion send our children the wrong message?

The BBC and it’s shameful use of a term that glorifies a Class A drug

I was reading the news on BBC Online this morning as part of my usual reading marathon at something past 4am. The headline to one particular article caught my interest, solely because it seemed a quirky type of story about fast food, entitled ‘How to find fast food menu secrets, so I decided to look and see where it lead.

Secret menus: Fast food ‘hacks’ for in-the-know customers

Popular secret menu items:Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino

  • Burger King: The Rodeo Burger (a cheeseburger topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce), Frings (a half order of French fries and a half order of onion rings)
  • McDonald’s: The Land, Sea and Air Burger (a Big Mac stuffed with Filet-O-Fish and McChicken sandwich patties), a McCrepe (a hotcake stuffed with yogurt parfait, granola and syrup), and the Chicken McGriddle (a fried chicken patty inside a syrup-flavoured McGriddle bun)
  • Starbucks: Cake Batter Frappuccino (a standard Vanilla Frappuccino with an extra pump of vanilla bean and almond flavouring), Liquid Cocaine (four shots of Espresso and four pumps of white chocolate syrup) and Nutella drink (a Caffe Misto with an extra pump of chocolate syrup, hazelnut syrup and caramel drizzle)

Without wishing to labour a point to too great a degree, does the BBC think it appropriate to popularise terms that allude to hard drugs for items that can be sold to children? Hack The Menu might not be so fussy, but the Beeb should be!