Argentine police-major fakes wounding with intent by throwing himself onto the windscreen of a car

Officer throws himself onto a passing car

An Argentine police-major was filmed by a nearby media crew faking a negligent wounding charge against the driver by throwing himself onto the windscreen of a car. The officer, Police-Major Juan Alberto Lopez-Torales, threw himself into the path of a car and the surrounding police officers then arrested the hapless driver, additionally accusing him of assault and resisting arrest.

Injury charge faked by police action

It is evident that the incident is faked by Torales, as he rolls off the bonnet of the car in a manoeuvre that is similar to a parachutists’ landing fall, a safety technique that allows them to land safely and without injury. The technique is also used by paratroopers, ground-rolling when throwing themselves during exercises.

National security spokesman supports officer’s actions

A spokesman for Argentina’s National Security has said that the driver “broke traffic laws” and that the officer was following “standard procedure”, which leaves you with the distinct impression that maybe the authorities corrupting justice is systemic in Argentina.

The incident happened on the Pan-Americana highway in Buenos Aires in July, but the footage was only uploaded recently. It happened in the course of protests about redundancies at a multinational auto parts company. 

Policía argentina principales falsificaciones hiriendo con la intención de arrojarse sobre el parabrisas de un coche


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