Peppa Pig petition by Muslims who want her banned is gaining strength


Peppa Pig’s new PC look – no silly, I don’t mean police constable

Peppa, the kids’ all-time favourite cartoon pig could soon be toast (or should that be roast?) after a British Muslim father started a petition to get  Peppa Pig removed from the DVD shelves of supermarkets and scuppered on our TV screens.

Facebook page set up for the protest, Muslims against Peppa Pig, racked up almost 3,000 followers in a short space of time. Worse still, a petition that lobbies for the show to be pulled from children’s TV is also attracting anti-Peppa party-poopers.

Zayn Sheikh, who set up the Facebook campaign, maintains that the pig, forbidden in Islam, is luring little kiddies from the straight path and into the ways of the devil (on horseback presumably) stopping them from becoming good Muslims. He claims that his son has abandoned his goal of becoming a doctor though it is difficult to imagine that he hankers after being a pig farmer.

“For us Muslims it is very important that we do not eat meat of the pork,” Sheikh from Bradford said in a video posted online. “It is completely wrong that our kids are being shown these things on TV,” He want to see the poor piggy replaced by an ‘Abdullah the Cat’ cartoon.

“Children still need cartoons to develop their minds. I propose we introduce Abdullah the cat. I think that if we had a good Muslim cartoon then our children would be better Muslims.”

In an attempt to deflect the Muslim uprising against her, Peppa has taken to wearing a burqa in the hope that she will be seen as ‘more Islamic’.

In the meantime, there is a groundswell of people who are trying to save Peppa’s bacon by criticising the protest and petition.

“I’m sorry I am Muslim and really do not see the problem with Peppa Pig at all. My children watch it and will soon grow out of it, it isn’t like there is a pig on screen saying eat me,” said one dis-grunt-led fellow. The Muslim Council of Britain said the Peppa protest wasn’t something most Muslims would follow.

No no no no no!

No no no no no!


4 thoughts on “Peppa Pig petition by Muslims who want her banned is gaining strength

  1. Oh for crying out loud.
    Dad, can we start a petition to remove Islam from this country as Islam is preventing my kids from being Doctors. What, may I ask, would be a politically acceptable replacement for Peppa Pig? I know, Burka Barnyard!!! Where none of the animals know what each others species is and they have some wild adventures sorting out the infidels from the bearded faithful.

  2. I wonder if anyone will give credit to such an imature attitude like that. To feel insulted by a cartoon caracter, You gotta be kidding…

  3. pathetic, our children love watching this and its very educational. If i was to go to there country i wouldnt expect classic english tv therefore if they dont like it, dont watch it or even better dont come here… Our country, our tv, our rules… Enough said

  4. What’s next, do they want to get rid of Ms Piggy, tell them to get real, it’s kids cartoon!! Turn their TVs off!!!

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