Over $93,000 donated to a gay teenager whose Christian parents beat him for coming out

Daniel Pierce

Coming out bigotry, but thousands support Daniel with over $93,000

A young man in the Bible-belt of the southern states of the USA has had over $93,000 donated to support him after his Christian parents beat him after he told them that he is gay.

Daniel Pierce seems like an ordinary kind of American kid but the difference between him and many boys of his own age is that he is gay. The other difference seems to be that his parents seem all but heartless and unsupportive when faced with a gay son because, as they say, “God creates nobody that way’. They feel Daniel is making a choice to be gay and they resent him for it, but that simply means that they are missing the point: could any heterosexual choose to be gay? I don’t think so.

You can listen to the moment that Daniel came out to his family because it was captured on video on a smartphone, though the image is a bit manic at times, especially when his family physically attack him when he tells them that they have failed to support him. Some ‘love’ they must have had for their son. Listen to one of his relatives scream “You damn queer, you!” at 04:05″ in the clip. The clip has attracted over two and a half million views on You Tube.

Whether or not you believe in religion – and as an atheist I don’t – you support your child if he or she tells you ‘Im gay’. It beggars belief in this day and age that parents can reject their child outright over the issue of sexual orientation in preference to “believing in the world of God”

Some kind soul (and I mean kind) took the video of Daniel’s coming out disaster and uploaded it to You Tube, whilst also setting up a page on ‘Go Fund Me’ to try and elicit financial support in the  immediate crisis that Daniel faces in being homeless. Within 24 hours the fund had steadily leap-frogged to $93,805 and is still rising.

Daniel is both unlucky and lucky. I am willing to bet that he would trade the cash just to have loving parents – parents that loved him unconditionally – but the cash will help him now that his parents have cut him adrift. I would support my child whatever the news and I am guessing that you would too. Seems to me Daniel’s mum and dad need to think again about the heartless way they treated their own child.

Previous versions of this story have referred to the most recent sum donated, e.g. ‘almost $50,000’ and later ‘almost $75,000’. The most recent figure now is: over $93,000


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