Death to informants – or were they?

Death to America

With a level of brutality we have come to expect from Gaza, eighteen suspected informants were peremptorily lined up and shot today. Hamas said that the executions were carried out by what it called the ‘Resistance’, which means it was an extra-judicial crime against humanity, not that Hamas is worrying about the human rights aspect of the atrocity. Well, it is an Islamic country!

Hamas officials told Reuters that the first eleven executions took place at a disused police station, however witnesses to the massacre of the other seven people said that they were shot by militia in Hamas uniforms outside the Al-Umari mosque in Gaza City. Such witness testimony conveys two conclusions: first that Hamas are lying when they speak of the executions being carried out by ‘resistance’ forces and two, that orchestrating this as a public spectacle is intended to terrorise anyone else that isn’t completely wedded to Hamas. We only have the word of Hamas that these people were informants, which means that these people were almost certainly completely innocent.

Israel may go over the top in its response at times, something that I have condemned, but they don’t line up their own people against a wall and shoot them. Islam may call itself the ‘religion of peace’ but looking at the fundamentalist factions of Islam, such as Hamas or IS, you would never guess it: peaceful would be the last word to come to mind and most people would probably break out laughing at the peaceful claim … except George Galloway of course!


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