Islamic State pussies are frightened of women combatants


PKK woman soldier

Cracks are appearing in the Jihadists’ invincibility in the guise of female soldiers intent on hunting them down


It appears that the Islamic State terrorists have an achilles heel. Apparently they believe that if they are killed in battle, they will not go to Jannah (Heaven)

This was found in a British newspaper article:

Now hundreds of women from the Turkish PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ party) have crossed into Iraq to help push the IS fighters out of the north of Iraq. They are striking fear into the hearts of the Jihadist thugs who believe if they are killed by a woman in battle they will not reach heaven.

The PPK are currently aiding the other Western ally in Iraq, the Peshmerga forces of the autonomous region of Kurdistan.

The irony of this would serve up real justice to the terrorists. Let’s hope that the women of the PKK army advance on these cowards while screaming: “I’m sending you to hell!”

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