British Islamic State terrorist executes US reporter James Foley, a captive since December 2012

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James Foley 1973 – 2014 believer in freedom and democracy

Video footage online appears to show US journalist James Foley being beheaded. He went to Syria specifically to report the brutal treatment of rebels under Assad’s onslaught and went missing, presumed held captive, since December 2012.

Two U.S. officials said they believed the 40-year-old from Rochester, New Hampshire was the person executed in a beheading by Islamic State militants in a video released Tuesday.

There can no mistake about the significance of this heinous war crime: the Islamic State is reaffirming its war on the free world. They are building a state that has frontiers rather than borders, which means that they are going to push outwards on onwards in their theologically supremacist goal to rid the world of anything but Islam. Anyone that believes otherwise is not concentrating on the theological and political ideals of this group. 

Free democratic countries must respond to this threat with force. Many young Muslims want to go and join the Islamic State terrorists because they believe their goal is achievable and the policy of the developed democracies not to intervene is adding fuel to the fire that is Islamic fundamentalism. Can’t our government (and others) see that giving the fundamentalists a virtually unopposed position is one of the greatest recruitment opportunities for rampant, radical Islam?

For decades people in Iraq and Syria have been under despotic rulers, they have never been able to rebel and, if they did, they were brutally suppressed, as evidenced by the 1982 Hama massacre in Syria which resulted in tens of thousands of lives lost and the Iraqi Anfal campaign, in which Saddam Hussein violently suppressed Kurdish revolts during the Iran-Iraq war, killing tens of thousands of Iraqi Kurds, including the Halabja gas bombing. Clearly the repression is past in the region and we get a clear picture of what can happen when under-developed democracies are left to fend for themselves and the temptation this gives to young Muslims in democratic countries to join the terrorists in their inhuman outrages.

Let’s be under no illusion here: the position of the Islamic State is a near equivalent to the Mafia taking over the functions of government in Italy. We wouldn’t tolerate that, so why would we give the Islamic State a virtually free run?


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