Is the National Lottery slowly withering away?

When the National Lottery raised the price of a Lotto ticket from £1 to £2 in October 2013, it predicted that average jackpots would rise to around £5m on Saturdays and £2.5m on Wednesdays because of the increase. The reality has been far less palatable than the prediction and this week it caused considerable consternation to some prize holders. 

The Wednesday Lotto has always had lower jackpots than the Saturday draw, simply because less tickets are sold for the Wednesdays than Saturdays. However, what happened last Wednesday came as a most unwelcome shock for those who has four numbers on their winning line in the draw. Instead of playing for a jackpot of around £1.75m, the jackpot slumped to £720,000, resulting in the two jackpot-winning tickets each receiving £360,000. As if that wasn’t bad enough, those with three numbers won the fixed £25 bottom prize, only for those with four numbers, who receive a fixed percentage share of the Lotto prize fund, to receive only £15!

The Lotto jackpots have been steadily declining over the years, but more so since last October. Has the Lotto passed its sell by date? What do you think?

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