Why aren’t there protests about the Islamic State? Doesn’t the ‘Stop The War’ Coalition want to stop this war?

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This weekend saw massive protests in support of Gaza. I have no qualms with that as no one should be gratuitously killed by the bullet or the bomb, no matter who they are – providing of course that they aren’t actively engaged in slaughtering innocent people, in which case they should be killed in my opinion. I feel sorry for the people of Gaza, but certainly not for Hamas, which has all of the deficiencies of a terrorist organisation.

What surprises me in contrast to the protests about Palestine is the lack of protest worldwide about the innocent people slain by the Islamic State in Iraq: Christians, Yazidis, Shia Muslims – all have been the focus of repeated slayings with genocidal intentions. The total number of deaths in Iraq attributable to the Islamic State now exceeds 6,000, but the world remains largely silent on this.


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The protests against the Islamic State’s killings have been negligible, consisting largely of Yazidi and Christian Iraqis, but also Shia Iraqis and Kurds. The lack of protest and condemnation of IS from Muslim countries is extraordinary, but then you get used to the Islamic world’s double standards when it comes to Muslim’s being slaughtered. Islamic countries remained largely silent as Omar Al Bashar’s regime murdered 300,000 largely non-Arab Muslims in Darfur. Likewise in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, 600,000 Muslims died during his 8,000 day tenure as president and Human Rights Watch reports that in one operation alone, the Anfal, Saddam killed 100,000 Kurdish Iraqis. That makes 75 civilians dying each and every day whilst he held power, but again, no protest from the other countries of the Islamic world.

What causes this bizarre anomaly? Many, observing the Darfur massacres, held that the Arab Muslim life was worth more than the African Muslim one. Others say that Muslim rulers have been tyrannical since the dawn of Islam, that the religion itself could be part of the problem. Looked at the other way, the Palestinian conflict was kick-started by the creation of Israel and has steadily become a thorn in flesh of peace in the Middle-East. What does seem fair to say is that Muslims worldwide seem prepared to accept violent outrages that are the responsibility of Islamists without too much fuss.

This brings me to my next question: What do the Islamic State or Arab tyrants have to do, what level of atrocity would they have to sanction, in order warrant criticism and protest from the anti-Israel left and organisations such as the ‘Stop The War’ coalition? The toll of deaths in Iraq by IS is staggering and yet the anti-war, anti-Israel lobby haven’t a word to say about it.




2 thoughts on “Why aren’t there protests about the Islamic State? Doesn’t the ‘Stop The War’ Coalition want to stop this war?

  1. The rise of Islamic Fascism is very alarming yet these fascists are given the cuddly name of “Jihaddists”. They are not. They are the same as the Fascists my grandfather fought against in WWII.

    Equally, The USA government doesn’t help either her people or us Europeans in supporting the most Fascist government of today: Saudi Arabia.

  2. Islamic doctrine eschews democracy because Muslims must predominate and therefore run the state. Islam is not just a virulent theology but equally a virulent political ideology. The fusion of the two is staggeringly supremacist, as is being witnessed by those of the Islamic State and before the Taliban and the Iranian clerics.

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