Islamic terrorism will always need to be countered by developed countries

Added more to the article today – many relevant new points.


Shakir Wahiyib Shakir Wahiyib

There is a misunderstanding in Western opinion as to the cause of Islamic fundamentalism and it works in the favour of the terrorists and Jihad. The point that must be remembered about Islam is that it cannot be modernised. The prophet, Mohammed, lead a ‘perfect’ life, according to Islamic belief. Not only that, but the Qur’an teaches Muslims that it contains the ‘perfect word of god’ and that Mohammed was the final prophet to be sent by Allah, so no new covenant, meaning no possibility of dragging Islam into the 21st century. Thus their aim is the overthrow of all other theologies and ideologies. In short they will not back down, no matter what the West does.

The previous misconception was that the Iraq war was caused by nothing but a desire for oil. With each and every situation that has followed in Muslims countries, the arguments against…

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