James Brokendream’s reinvention of the Nasty Party



The fact that Yashika Bageerathi has been deported is grossly embarassing for many people in the UK, who feel nothing but shame for this ideologically-driven decision by the immigration minister, James Brokenshire, who is more interested in appearing tough on immigration than dealing with cases on their merits.




Hundreds of foreign criminals won their appeals against deportation on the basis that deportation contravened their human rights under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act. Home Office data details over 60o appeals that were allowed by the immigration courts in a year spanning 2012-13, including 324 criminals who were allowed to stay in Britain because of their right to a family life.




Whether or not you agree with the deportation of Yashika Bageerathi, surely being allowed to finish her education here might have been a more apropriate way of dealing with this matter. James Brokenshire has acted in the most inhumane way, leaving this poor young woman alone in Mauritius, a country where recent research highlighted the following human rights problems:


  • Security force torture and abuse of suspects and detainees
  • Prison overcrowding
  • Harassment and intimidation of journalists
  • Official corruption
  • Violence and discrimination against women
  • Abuse and sexual exploitation of children
  • Discrimination against persons living with HIV/AIDS
  • Restrictions on labor rights and anti-union discrimination
  • Forced labor, including by children, and child labor




Yet it sounds so tranquil in the brochures … except for tourist Michaela McAreavey’s unsolved murder on the island, of course. 


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