Courtney in Wonderland …

Courtney Love has claimed that she may have ‘found’ the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, even offering exact co-ordinates as to the jetliner’s location on her Facebook page. She claims that her discovery is less than a mile from where the plane was last tracked before it ‘vanished’.


I have added my own annotation to the image. Picture, if you will, a plane flying at almost six miles high that crashes into the sea but a mile from where it was last tracked. If you are doing this correctly, the trajectory would be not far short of vertical, in which case the plane would have disintegrated on impact, leaving bodies and body parts strewn across the impact site with other objects – such as hand luggage – floating about plus, of course, a gigantic fuel slick. Add to this that it has been confirmed that the plane was sending pings to data tracking sysytems through satellites and the mystery deepens.

The Boeing 777-200’s final ‘ping‘ was picked up nearly seven hours after the co-pilot signed off with a ‘goodnight’ to Subang air traffic control in Malaysia, leaving experts to wonder if the plane may have been landed somewhere to be used later as a weapon – a thought far more chilling than Ms Love’s daft theory.



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