A tale of two photos: ultranationalism v internationalism

In an unusual display of libertarianism, the Russian government allowed a peaceful protest by those criticising Russia’s involvement in Crimea which was followed by another group of pro-Russian annexation of Crimea supporters, characterised by quasi-militarised ultranationalists wearing what appeared to be clothing bordering on uniform.


It is increasingly looking as if a large swathe of the Russian population are locked in the cold war past, preferring to absorb neighbouring territory whilst strutting about in clothing that they feel befits their ultranationalsistic ethos.

What is of deep concern is the isolation that Russia seems content to wallow in, coupled with the fact that the richest 110 people in Russia hold 35% of the nation’s wealth. The West should be wary of any nation that is run by kleptocrats as they have too much personal financial interest at stake.

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