The smoke and mirrors window-dressing of the seemingly guilty

Babis Dimitriou, the chairman of the Farsala village Roma association, told The Daily Telegraph: “There was a Bulgarian husband and wife who were working around Greece in temporary jobs, who used to stay here sometimes. At one point they left the girl to be raised by the family here in the village. The family raised the child as if it was their own, although her father would come back every now and then to see her. The last time he visited was only five days ago, after the arrests had been made.
“All the other Roma here were telling the Bulgarian man to explain to the police that the girl was his, but he has now disappeared.” So they let him go? More lies.


On the day that a Roma couple is to appear in court to face charges brought against them concerning the child, known as Maria, found at their home in Farsala in central Greece, the Roma community that surround them have started what can only be described as an orchestrated campaign to brush away the appearance of wrongdoing.

child's bedroom

The media today featured photographs of the one-bedroom home, arguing that the little girl had the exclusive use of the only bedroom while the family slept ‘elsewhere’. Images were also shown of a chest of drawers, the only item of furniture for storing clothes and also argued that this was solely for the use of the child.  I have taken the liberty of reproducing the images here, although I claim no ownership to them.

child's COD

Is there anyone that seriously believes this farcical concoction? I am not saying that the family mistreated the child, but…

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