Rich man poor man …

Job Centre fire

The two stories that follow demonstrate remarkably how polarised parts of our society have become. The two separate stories are a sad testimonial of what our country is becoming: A land where the poor go without food for days and the rich throw tens of thousands of pounds around on a night out.

From the Manchester Evening News:

An unemployed man who hadn’t eaten for three days tried to set fire to the job centre – so he could have a meal in police custody.

Bee O’Brien, 49, flew into a rage after a row over his benefits payments and set fire to the customer telephones at Moss Side job centre. O’Brien had not eaten for three days after his benefits had been stopped. He told police: “I will commit a crime and get arrested. I need some food.”

From The Telegraph Online:

Russian multimillionaires rack up £130,000 bar tab at Mayfair club

Two Russian multimillionaires racked up a bar tab of more than £130,000 at a Mayfair nightclub after going head-to-head to see who could produce the most extravagant bill.

A spokesman for the Embassy venue described the tab as “off the scale” as the men worked their way through 30 Magnums of Cristal and 20 bottles of Dom Perignon. By the end of the evening the bills were an eye-watering £66,778.91 and £64, 279.70 – making a grand total of £131,058.61. “Even compared to pre-recession, that’s a huge spend,” the spokesman said.

He added: “A regular spend for bankers here would be around £5 -7,000 a night. Sometimes we’ll get £10-15,000. But this is a massive, massive spend.”

So there you have it. City bankers regularly go out and spend between £5,000 and £15,000 a night! How did our country ever become like this? How did we ever get to the situation where it is normal for anyone to go without food for days while city bankers regularly go out and spend thousands and thousands of pounds on a night out clubbing?

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