Words fail me, but ‘Jesus’ Blood’ doesn’t!

CD cover from the album 'Jesus Blood'

CD cover from the album ‘Jesus Blood’

A man who received unduly high numbers of calls from  marketing companies is making money from them with his own higher-rate phone number. In November 2011 Lee Beaumont paid £10 plus VAT to set up his personal 0871 line – so to call him now costs 10p, from which he receives 7p. The Leeds businessman told BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme that the line had so far made £300. Phone Pay Plus, which regulates premium numbers, said it strongly discouraged people from adopting the idea.  Mr Beaumont thought of the scheme because he was sick of cold callers seeking business or soliciting services he didn’t want. He said: “I don’t use my normal Leeds number for anyone but my friends and family.”

I know how Mr. Beaumont feels. I sometimes get cold calls, but I usually leave the receiver by my PC with a YouTube audio of Gavin Bryars ‘Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet’ playing. The clip is almost 30 minutes long and, having done some research into the efficacy of this method of deterring callers, no one has gone the full 25 mins 59 secs. I can honestly say that ‘Jesus Blood’ has never failed me yet!


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