One of the ghastliest images I have yet seen of war

Evidence of a chemical attack - dead Syrian children

Evidence of a chemical attack – dead Syrian children

Dr. Nidal Kabal, a former Syrian ambassador said today on the BBC that it would be “suicidal” for the Assad regime to use chemical weapons when the UN inspectors were present in Syria. That rather tells you that it would be the best time because it gives the Assad regime the best possible excuse: “What? Chemical weapons? Us? We would have to be mad do do such a thing at the moment”. Their response is logical, but it is also the sort of superb double-bluff that Arabs mire themselves in.

The UN inspectors are not in Syria to apportion blame but to establish whether chemical weapons have been used. The evidence is overwhelming: dead children in the hundreds, dead goats – whole herds of them, dead chickens and wild birds such as pigeons.  There is only one fact here: This was done by the Assad regime who can see their fate clearly written but are throwing every last ounce of horror into the pit of iniquity they have created.  I challenge anyone to look at the image given here and rationalise why civilised countries should ignore this inhumanly grotesque scene.

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