Comment on the freedom to protest in the UK

dave_in_IndiaDuring his visit to Amritsar this week, and in relation to the 1919 massacre of almost 400 peaceful protesters by British troops near to the Golden Temple, David Cameron said that the UK must stand up for the right to peaceful protest and thus paid his respects to those martyred.

Yet here in Britain in 2005, people were arrested for reading aloud the names of British military casualties when they were standing by the Cenotaph. I am not aware that this government has repealed the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, which bans any person from taking part in an unauthorised demonstration within 1 km of Parliament Square.

Has this government repealed this legislation banning peaceful protest? Have they pardoned those convicted of what must surely be a ‘non-crime’? Can we believe what our Prime Minister is saying?

2 thoughts on “Comment on the freedom to protest in the UK

  1. “Comment on the freedom to protest in the UK gobbledegooked” was a
    remarkable read and I really was quite joyful to come across the blog post.
    I appreciate it,Desmond

  2. Has Dave followed the advice of Iain Duncan-Smith and found himself a job as a shelf-stacker in a supermarket? The hat and jacket are reminiscent of Tesco back of house employees …

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