Not so much PCC as just PC!

A licence to flout privacy regulation …

In what must be the most Machiavellian twist ever by the Press Complaints Commission concerning an invasion of privacy, the watchdog announced that it would not be ‘appropriate’ to investigate The Sun’s publication of photographs of Prince Harry lest it should breach his privacy!

This ludicrous stalemate has the effect of driving a coach and horses through privacy protection standards by the PCC, because it sets a precedent that unless the subject of the breach of privacy makes a complaint, it may well render any investigation and censure of a newspaper as a further breach of privacy! This is comparable with those equally insane judgments that see dangerous religious militants let loose in our society because deporting them would breach their human rights.

Surely it is self-evident that if an open investigation of the material concerning this matter would likely breach Prince Harry’s privacy then the original offence clearly did just that? Or is that extrapolation too complex for the PCC PC brigade? This ducking and weaving to avoid dealing with over 3,000 complaints is surely a clear demonstration that such matters should be policed by a fully independent body that is entirely unconnected to the press?


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