Murdoch’s broken promise …

It had to be one of Murdoch’s papers that broke the restraint shown by the rest of the press by publishing the images of Prince Harry getting naked at a party in Las Vegas.

Not satisfied with the breach of Harry’s privacy by a person or persons presumably unknown at the party or the subsequent publication by the media outside of the UK, The Sun had to demonstrate just how morally low it can stoop, pandering to the prurient and pig ignorant of its readers in a desperate attempt to increase its circulation.

This is Murdoch and his editor’s way of showing contempt for the embarrassment they suffered at the hands of the Leveson Inquiry. Their reasoning is that the photos have been published elsewhere, thus lending a ‘public interest’ excuse to their misguided actions; however, the foreign media regularly publish images of murder and terrorism victims but The Sun doesn’t publish any of that material.

The reason why The Sun will succeed in getting away with this is because the Press Complaints Commission is a self-regulatory body that Murdoch seeks to challenge and ignore because it has no legal powers. For all its authoritative appearance, the PCC is a paper tiger. The Leveson Inquiry has only recently concluded its business and yet here we have the Murdoch of old yet again sticking his fingers up at any attempt to set a standard by claiming that his poor decision making is somehow necessary to protect the liberties of the media.

With the ridiculous headline above its editorial claiming “We fight for press freedom”, Murdoch’s hacks are trying to excuse their efforts as defending press freedom. If this is an example of that Mr. Murdoch, most of us don’t want it. Sinking to the lowest common denominator and drowning in the published  private lives of people only demonstrates that the Murdoch press learned nothing from the News of the World scandal. After that disgraceful exposé, Murdoch wrote an apology in which he said “Our business was founded on the idea that a free and open press should be a positive force in society. We need to live up to this.” From where I am, I cannot see that Murdoch is living up to that promise.

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