Tories say that British workers are among the “worst idlers” in the world …

Kwami Kwarteng is among a group of Conservative MPs who say British workers are lazy

With this new government constrained by the LibDems, we have the new crop of ‘Redwoods’ raising their heads above the parapet to describe British workers as among the “worst idlers” in the world, saying that “We must stop bailing out the reckless, avoiding all risk, and rewarding laziness” … is he talking about the bankers? No he (and his septic Tory co-authors) are talking about ‘idle’ British workers, who are damaging the economy by failing to compete with ‘grafting’ Asian countries.

Sorry? Do you mean those Asian countries like Taiwan, where they earn about NT$36,564 a month? That sounds a lot doesn’t it, except that it is worth £776. The Asian markets are packed with worker focussed abuses, appalling employment conditions and these sleazy Tory scumbags want US to copy THEM?

The Tories will never ever change!

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