Burning your way into a recession …

The Olympic flame

I cannot tell you how pleased I am. The Olympics has finally ended. Don’t get me wrong, the individual achievements were superb, but the  razzamatazz that went with it was jaw-crackingly boring as the great, the good and the loquacious luvvies all queued up to behave like loved up adolescents in their rush to be effusive about a sporting event. Now, with the games finally over, we might restore some sanity to our daily lives.

Estimates of the cost of the games vary from £9bn – the government’s official tally – to £18bn, depending on whether you include items such as transport infrastructure improvements. So, the lower estimate means that every man, woman and child in the UK has a bill of £160 to pay. If you accept the higher spend as real then each person in the country is forking out £320 for the most expensive 17-day party in British history. You’d never guess that we were in a recession, would you?

As this ultra-expensive extravaganza drew to a close, the time came to put out the Olympic flame  and Stephen Fry, ever the luvvie,  tweeted: “I don’t want it to end *sob* *stamps foot*. Sir Chris Hoy tweeted: “If they don’t put the flame out, the Games won’t be over. Someone stop them!!”

To which I sighed – Oh, please, for the sake of my sanity, don’t do that!

Statistics to make you boggle. Calculated on the lower estimate of £9bn …

Each event has cost … … … … … £29,801,324  (302 events)

Each day has cost … … … … … … £562,500,000 (16 days inclusive)

Each event minute has cost … … £781,250


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