Which man is more Christ-like?


Which person most resembles the ethos of Christ?


The recent gay parade in Tbilisi – a brave move indeed by gay activists in Georgia – was marred by attacks from Christians (yes, you read that correctly, they were attacked by Christians) but as the media were on hand the images that have been published are more powerful than the Christians could ever be.

Look closely at the photo relating to this article and ask yourself one question: Which person looks most like Christ – not physically, but in spirit. I would argue that the gay activist being assaulted conveys a visual embodiment of what Christians believed Christ to be like. The activist is being persecuted and is in pain, he appears barely to be retaliating and has a pose that is close to that of crucifixion.

Think of the images of Jesus pulling the cross on the way to his execution and you may well understand why I make this point – not that I believe in any of it, I speak only of imagery.

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