Europe really is growing up …

Forty years ago I went to spain and it was very conservative. To put this into perspective, the Generalissimo, Franco, was still clinging to power, the streets of Spanish cities were, in the times of las fiestas, full of families that were inevitably headed up by the patriarch of the family, a moustachioed grandad, who would pose horribly with hands clenched together around his crutch, his face contorted in the stiffness that in those days and in those parts conveyed seriousness and respectability. The rest of the family would assemble around him hardly daring to smile.

Cut to contemporary Spain and this is what you get:

Hordes of young Spaniards in their underwear storming a shop in an organised ‘panty party’ because in doing so they were given free clothes in a promotion by the Desigual clothing chain.

What on earth would grandad have said, or even Franco for that matter?

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