Peaceful protest is ‘bullying’ according to Louise Mensch

Louise Mensch, the Conservative MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire, used Twitter to describe a peaceful demonstration outside Nick Clegg’s house in Putney as “intolerable bullying”. I can only say that Ms. Mensch and her millionaire cabinet colleagues had better get used to the ‘bullying’, because the protests are bound to increase as we approach the next election. Late in 2013 and early 2014 will be memorable for the protests against the politics that allows benefits to be cut whilst millionaires have their taxes cut.

Ms. Mensch also tweeted: “I would normally never do this. I am Tory to the marrow of my bones, but how about £5 to the LibDems today? If you believe targeting home & family of a politician you disagree with is intolerable bullying – £5 for Nick Clegg.”  She seems to believe that ordinary people shouldn’t bring their protest to the streets where the politician’s live despite the fact that it is these very same politicians who bring their policies over the threshold of your door.

Louise Mensch serves as a reminder to us of the astonishing beliefs of rich Tory politicians. It was Mensch who made herself look completely foolish on the BBC current affairs comedy programme, Have I Got News For You, by saying that the anti-capitalism protesters “should not enjoy the good things” that it brings. This in response to the news that the protesters from St. Paul’s Cathedral were causing massive queues in the nearby Starbucks. It was Ian Hislop who voiced dissent by saying that he thought it was not necessary for such people to “want return to a barter system and the Stone Age to complain about the way that the financial crisis affected large numbers of people in the world.”

Millionairess Mensch revels in appearing on our screens telling us what we should think and do, but doesn’t want the matter brought to her door. Tough.


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