The blind leading the blind on …

The government are set to drastically reduce the numbers who will receive the new Personal Independence Plan (PIP), the replacement to Disability Living Allowance, from next April.  The blind and partially-sighted will have reduced access to the new disability payment because government sources are concerned that those with a vision disability are not sufficiently disabled to merit PIP benefit payments.

Every day details of some policy or another leaks from this government and usually a great deal of criticism follows.  The government has claimed that the PIP when implemented will save £1.4bn, so it is easy to see what is being focused on by Ian Duncan Smith. This savage cut in the disability benefits system is one of the worst examples of pinchpenny legislation from a government that disqualifies blind and partially sighted people from benefits whilst reducing the top rate of tax for the rich.

The sooner this millionaire cabinet is relegated to the history books the better. What is evident from their actions is that these people have no understanding of those who face financial difficulties as a result of disability.

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