It gives a new meaning to the words ‘death’ and ‘stiff’ …

This is dead embarrassing ...

You probably won’t believe what I am about to tell you, but the impeccable sources that I got the story from make it undeniably true: The mainly Islamist, Egyptian legislature is currently deciding whether to introduce a new law to allow a widower to have sex with dead wife, providing that the intercourse is within six hours of her last breath! Women’s rights groups across Egypt are, quite understandably, up in arms about this and are attempting to stop the nasty, necro-nooky nonsense. The proponents are not deterred, however, believing that not even death should stand between a husband and what is rightfully his. I suppose the wives had little say in the matter in life, so after death it becomes a mere academic argument.

Heigh-ho! The vagaries of Islam and it’s more sordid side are, I am sure, not representative of mainstream Islamic culture and, with deference to this, the same clerics are also trying to reduce the minimum legal age of consent for marriage for girls to 14, which brings them more into line with Islamic normality. The Prophet Mohammad married a six year old girl named Aisha and consummated the marriage at the onset of her puberty, when she was nine. The Egyptian parliament haven’t gone that far, but it’s early days yet. Given time I am sure they will manage to return a once proud nation to the misogynistic values that Islamists feel more comfortable with.

Many Muslims disagree with anything resembling the above as being a part of Islam, but the problem is that Islamists – paradoxically – are a bit like George W. Bush. “Either you are with us, or you are against us”. That leaves some room for the middle ground, eh? Next time you hear someone reassuring the world about Islam’s compatibility with democratic values, just remember the clerics of Cairo, and their unfailing ability to come up with something – almost anything – that would be repugnant to most of us in democratic society.

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