Cameron is either sick or thick – I can’t make my mind up which, but possibly both.

Islam: The religion of peace

It is not often that I find myself embarrassed enough to claim that I make no apologies for something that I upload to my blog. However, this particular post is different in that respect. I make no apologies for the image published with the article, but in reality it is our dimwitted prime minister who should be apologising.

Mr. Cameron, currently visiting Indonesia, will apparently say that “Islamic extremists must not be allowed to pervert fledgling democracies and persecute minorities”. When he delivers his speech, the Prime Minister will praise the country as proof that the religion is compatible with democracy.

It is this sort of befuddled nonsense that defines David Cameron as a man who speaks on matters of which he has little or no knowledge at all. Mr. Cameron, while in the world’s most populous Muslim state, should visit the Ahmadi Muslims who are persecuted and often murdered by mainstream Muslims who claim that the Ahmadis are heretics. The photo to the right must surely put into perspective our grovelling and rather stupid Prime Minister’s words on Indonesian ‘democracy’ and the rule of law.

Mr. Cameron is not alone in this blinkered, ostrich-like attitude towards the facts on the ground in Indonesia.  Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Mackenzie Clugston, praised the efforts that have been associated with the Indonesian government’s handling of the Ahmadiyya issue.

How people like Cameron and Clugston sleep soundly in their beds at night is a complete mystery to me. The news streams online are continually reporting mainstream Muslims murdering Ahmadis in Indonesia and, for that matter, elsewhere. David Cameron must understand that these murders are not committed by ‘Islamists’ but mainstream Muslims.

Worse still, Mr. Cameron’s speech will expose his government’s inability to understand the nature of Islam – I was a Muslim for over ten years, so I know enough on this subject: Islam and democracy do not go together.  Democracy is viewed by most mainstream Muslims as a ‘western’ ideology that is not compatible with Islam, which has its own legal system, Sharia; its own form of governance, that sees its legislature as by Muslim majority only and most certainly is not democratic. For the love of any prophet Mr. Cameron, please try and understand that in Islam, non-Muslims are not considered equals.

In the United Kingdom there are Muslims that refer to themselves as ‘British Muslims’. The problem with that is that ‘Muslims’ – Allah’s chosen people – are defined as ‘British’ which would be wholly unacceptable to mainstream Muslims worldwide. A Muslim is … a Muslim and it is impossible to preface the term with a nationality. It is, in all respects, unacceptable in Islam. You don’t hear Muslims calling themselves ‘Saudi Muslims’ or ‘Bangladeshi Muslims’, so where did we ever get the idea that Muslims in the UK can suddenly reinvent Islam by calling themselves British Muslims?

Look at Mr. Cameron’s soothing words to the Indonesians and you will begin to understand how our political classes are ignoring the groundswell of hatemongering in Islam. That groundswell is evidenced by the brutal; treatment of the Ahmadiyyan Muslims, who mainstream Muslims contend are not Muslims at all and thus fair game for persecution and murder. I will eat my words if anyone reading this article can show me that the Muslims who murdered the Ahmadis in the above image were prosecuted. I happen to know that no one has been charged with their murders, so I can afford to make such an offer.


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