Galloway wins the Bradford West by-election.

George Galloway’s victory at Bradford West was to be expected.  His rhetoric consistently mirrors the political aspirations of people who believe our troops in Muslim lands to be “occupying forces” according to Respect’s leader, Salma Yaqoob, on the Radio 4 Today programme this morning; he also resonates with old-Labour values. Looking at any issue from a radical Muslim perspective, Galloway ticks all the boxes. Do the same for disaffected Labour voters and Galloway provides a tempting protest vote. Make no mistake about this: Galloway’s Muslim supporters will always vote for him. He is the man who sides with any sabre-rattling Muslim cause because that is what many Muslims in the UK want to hear; it is also, however, what the sabre-rattlers want to hear too.

I know that many in Britain will be able to understand Labour voters who feel disenfranchised by, what they might call Blue-Labour, as opposed to New Labour. The Muslim lynchpin of Galloway’s success is, however, far more dangerous and extreme. I have been a Muslim. I am a white British man married to a Moroccan woman, though we are now separated. It is two decades since I learned of the belief, widespread amongst Muslims worldwide, that there is no such thing as a ‘British’ Muslim. Either you are a Muslim or you have distanced yourself from Islam.

In this way, Galloway is a rallying cry for illiberal Mulsims, i.e. those who seek to challenge the British way of life, set themselves apart and maintain their very distinct, religio-cultural diffferences. Of course, many of the people who voted for this egomaniac yesterday do not hold such fundamental beliefs, but the risk here is that that is exactly how the heartland Muslim’s see it. Islam is not just a religion – it is a political docrtine too. Our security services must be more than aware that Galloway is to Muslims, what Geert Wilders is to European Nationalists. There is no victory here, not even for this pathetic, dictator-loving Glaswegian. The misery that will ensue in the fulness of time will make the Enoch Powell saga seem like a storm in a teacup: that will be the undoubted legacy of Galloway’s ‘success’.

One thought on “Galloway wins the Bradford West by-election.

  1. Here is proof of my assertion regarding so-called British Muslims from a quote from Galloway’s election material: –

    Addressing the “voters of the Muslim faith and Pakistani heritage in Bradford West”, Galloway felt it apt to write:

    “God KNOWS who is a Muslim. And he KNOWS who is not. Instinctively, so do you.”

    His references to his Labour opponent as a “Muslim” in inverted commas made it obvious he wanted the “Muslim faith and Pakistani heritage” vote because he was the real Muslim candidate, which Labour rightly responded to as a “bizarre and deeply insulting letter”.

    Thanks to Left Foot Forward for the supportive material to my article.

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