Travellers (again)

Proposals to create what would be the UK’s longest coastal path have been jeopardised because a group of travellers are objecting to the route of the path passing close to their site, thereby invading their privacy.

A small part of the 1,400km route would pass close to the Rover Way Camp, on the Cardiff stretch of the footpath. “You don’t know what type of person could use it; there could be drug dealers or paedophiles” said Richard Probert, who lives there with his wife and family. Officials from the local authority have rejected¬† the proposal to build a 5m screen around the camp because “it would be like a prison” and have demanded that the path be removed.

The fact that most people have a public road and a footpath outside ther houses seems to have escaped the travellers and – without wishing to cause offence – why are travellers living in what appears to be a fixed abode when they claim their lifestyle is a nomadic one. How long will it be before hordes of indignant, ordinary Brits demand the same privileges that Travellers now enjoy. Put another way round, does this mean that the hundreds of thousands of old folk that live in retirement caravan parks are actually now classed as Travellers?


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