A whitewash?


Is this the beginning of the cover up?

Liam Fox has possibly taken the right decision, but for what reason? If he quit because he genuinely feels he did not live up to his own standards, then that is probably the right course of action.

What worries me most of all are comments like the spokesman from the MOD on Radio 4’s ‘PM’ programme today who said that with the Minister’s resignation, “no one is sure if the Cabinet Secretary’s  report will be published now.”

Such a prospect should ring alarm bells. Did Fox resign so that the cover-up begins? Why would the Cabinet Secretary not publish his report? David Cameron must allow this report to become public knowledge, with all the attendant possibilities of a public enquiry. No less thorough a process should be accepted.


One thought on “Werrittygate

  1. The Atlantic Bridge started by Fox as a clearly pro Israel lobby group made up of guys pro the Iraq War hidden agenda’s and corporate interests disguised as a charity and globally connected and privately funded.

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