The only Fox in England being hunted by hounds ….

Fixed smile ... terrified gays - sorry gaze!

The discussion boards online were working overtime today because of the Liam Fox affair. The Telegraph had the headline:

Liam Fox: sacking me would make David Cameron look weak

to which one wag had replied “Shouldn’t the headline read  ‘Liam Fox: sucking me would make David Cameron look weak’?”

My own contribution was no less wicked as the web page had a video embedded into it. I commented “In the video above … Fox is seen entering the MOD with a caption quote over that says “I’m focusing on Libya” … well we didn’t think he was focusing on Labia …”.

Others commented that the situation with Werritty sucks and yet another suggested “When Werrity was living in Fox’s flat, and he forgot to pay any money to live there, did Fox ever ask “Where’s the rent, boy?” Another, alluding to ministerial red boxes observed “I’ve heard that his wife’s red box hasn’t been used much recently.”

More amusingly, “Dr Fox today declared he has no intention of standing down – and won’t name the guest he had met for drinks when he was burgled”. So the truth is he went out on a bender …

You can see where the argument is going (I hope) and probably where Dr. Fox is going too. He’s the only Fox left in England that is being hunted by hounds.

Weirdly, I have noticed that the Air Force staff officer next to the Defence Secretary appears to have his arm round him giving him a cuddle!


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