My opinion is that Gaddafi has fled to Algeria …

The Algerian government has formally denied that a convoy of armoured cars that could be carrying top Libyan regime officials had crossed its borders. “This information is baseless and we deny it categorically,” the foreign ministry said following a report by Egypt’s official news agency. The unconfirmed MENA report said six armoured Mercedes had Friday morning entered Ghadames, quoting a Libyan military council source in the town on the border with Algeria. The source was quoted as saying the convoy had been escorted by pro-government troops until it entered Algeria. Rebels had not been able to pursue the vehicles as they lacked munitions and equipment. “We think they (the cars) were carrying high Libyan officials, possibly (Moamer) Kadhafi and his sons,” the source said. Algeria also declined to recognise the Libyan rebels’ National Transitional Council on Friday, insisting it would adhere to the policy of “strict neutrality” adopted since the start of the conflict.

Three days later the Algerian government reported that the wife and three of the children of fugitive Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi are in Algeria. A foreign ministry statement said Col Gaddafi’s wife Safia, daughter Ayesha and sons Muhammad and Hannibal left Libya early on Monday. Algeria’s UN ambassador said they were received on humanitarian grounds

Knowing North African politics, I would venture to say that Colonel Gaddafi fled first then, having arrived without incident, was followed by the least contentious members of his family. I believe that the Algerian government is not telling the truth. In addition to that, I am willing to bet that most of the the six armoured cars contained Libya’s gold reserves.


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