Where is the justice in this?

A psychotic killer detained at Broadmoor Hospital for stabbing a mother and her teenage son in Milton Keynes is set to be released. Gregory Davis, now in his 30s, killed Dorothy Rogers, 48, and her son Michael, who was a 19-year-old at the time,  at their home in Great Linford in January 2003. Davis was detained indefinitely in 2003 but has now been deemed well enough for a conditional discharge. Police, social workers and a medical team are to discuss the move which would involve supported accommodation and Davis having to report to health care workers.

Davis was known to Mrs. Rogers as he drank in the same pub as she did. He forced his way into her home and bludgeoned her with a hammer, then stabbed her over 30 times with a carving knife. Following this assault he pursued her son Michael through the streets to a nearby playground where children were playing.  It was there, in front of parents and children, that Davis disembowelled Mrs. Roger’s son.

Whilst I am pleased for Davis that he appears to have recovered – presumably with the use of anti-psychotic drugs – his impending release does beg the question: is eight years a sufficient punishment for murdering two wholly innocent people? I know this man was may have been mentally ill at the time, but two lives have been tragically lost and the time he has spent in prison seems a paltry term for his crime. Mrs. Roger’s surviving son said “How can a psychopathic double killer suddenly be cured and safe enough to return to society after so few years?


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