That’s right … marginalise them and make them live on the fringe – an opinion

The knee-jerk responses to the recent riots are beginning to kick-in. Parents are now in the process of being evicted from council homes by Tory-led councils because of what the tenants child or children did.  Evicting people and stopping their benefits won’t stop this – it will make it worse! How on earth is making them all homeless and unable to feed themselves going to help? You would have to be mentally myopic to see that as a way of resolving the problem!


I went to stay with an elderly lady friend in Taunton this weekend and we went to see an elderly lady friend of hers in Dawlish. To be honest it was amazing. They were positively for the ‘them’ and ‘us’ philosophy. The two of them were firm in their belief that the riots are a black problem – which they aren’t. This is about a sub-cultiure, about Ebonics (black patois street language) the notorious style of rappers and youths, many of the songs of which are violent, anti-authority, homophobic and – above all – misogynistic.

The failure is often (not always) about careless parenting, poor quality teaching – such as children with considerable learning difficulties being taught in the same class as mainstream pupils. Its about the way in which immigrants are not compelled to assimilate and, what’s more, who work actively against assimilation, which means they know little about how our system works let alone the values we cherish. There is a whole ragbag of reasons why kids are out of control and discussing and dealing with these issues is absolutely vital to reverse this trend. Stigmatising and alienating the very people who have caused problems will create an even more feral underclass that we would do well to try and include in our group.

The future holds little for you if you are a black teenage male: How many top police officers are black? How many government ministers are black? How many judges are black? There is nothing like proportionate representation and this bears out that in the riot areas amongst black communities 1-in-2 of black youths are unemployed as opposed to a national average of 1-in-5.

Look this problem in the face and you will find that many balck kids feel there is nothing for them here; that they are not stakeholders in their society or its culture – hence the sub-culture they attach themselves to – a sub-culture awash with drugs and disrespect for society because that society isn’t theirs. May I ask, how the ?@+! would you feel?


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