Must we really have a cowboy in charge?

When Britain’s most senior police officer –  the former Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson – sensationally resigned over revelations surrounding the phone hacking scandal, the Prime Minister’s first reaction to the vacancy was typical of what is fast becoming his trademark style: knee-jerk.

Dave decided that the ideal candidate for the job was Bill Bratton, the former New York and Los Angeles police Chief. In fact, he was so taken with the silly idea of appointing the US supercop as head of the Metropolitan police that he entirely forgot that his ‘brainwave’ would be thwarted by his own Police and Social Responsibility bill, currently going through parliament, which quite clearly sets out the stipulation that the Met commissioner must hold the office of “constable”.

Perhaps if Dave took less holidays and focused on his job more, if he was less interested in photo-calls with waitresses and hooded youths and more with studying the data he needs to to do his job properly, we might – just might – get more reasoned debate and response from him. The last thing London needs is a someone at the helm who is unfamiliar with London policing issues and thankfully Theresa May managed to scotch Mr. Cameron’s latest knee-jerk nonsense, though that hasn’t stopped Dave appointing Bill Bratton as a special adviser.

It seems entirely logical that the next Commissioner of London police should be not be a late middle-aged white man and, as for Cameron’s favoured candidate for policing reform, I would say only that we have a cowboy in charge and that doesn’t seem to be working. I refer to Dave, of course.





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