The riots continue unabated …

As we wake today we will be facing the awful news detailing the extent of the civil unrest through England. It started today in Hackney and quickly spread to other suburbs of London, including Camden, Chalk Farm, Old Kent Road, Woolwich, Enfield, Ealing, Tottenham, Peckham, Lewisham, Clapham … too may places to list. By midnight the news was filtering through that Birmingham and Liverpool were also under seige. The iconic image of tonight’s riots is undoubtedly the total destruction of Reeves furniture warehouse in Croydon, which was razed to the ground by fire. Parts of Croydon resemble a war zone this evening, with an Aldi supermarket completely destroyed by fire. It is still unclear if there is a loss of life from the fires so far.

The situation throughout the capital was dire, with sportswear, electronics and mobile phone shops being some of the business premises targeted. The wanton vandalism and destruction is on an epic scale never before seen in Britain. The acting police commissioner, Tim Godwin, asked parents to find out where their children were and get them to return home. It would seem that little heed was paid to this as the criminal carnage increased as the evening wore on. The capital looks to be under increasing strain as the riots are repeated on a daily basis. The Prime Minister is returning to London to take charge of the situation, cutting his holiday short. As this is his fifth holiday since he took office, he will face considerable protest about his tardy return to deal with this issue.

Meanwhile, following reports of violence in Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. There are now reports of tense scenes in Leeds. Around a hundred youths are said to be gathered in the city centre and Chapeltown areas and, although there’s no major violence so far, there is a tense atmosphere. There were unconfirmed reports of gunfire earlier, but overall the situation is said to be quite calm at the moment. Still, worrying times. The situation in Leeds is believed to have occurred after a man was shot in the face. It is important to stress that this detail is not confirmed. There’s no absolutely no information if the man is just wounded or dead, for that matter even if the incident happened at all. Disorder is breaking out so rapidly and spontaneously that it is difficult to keep track of each thread of news.


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