The rape of our country …

An open letter to England …

The time has clearly come for those opposed to the mindless violence to make every attempt to prevent a repetition of the previous three nights’ violence and mayhem.  It is difficult to see what the government can do if it insists on policing by consent, or refuses to use methods such as water cannons. It is clearly the wish of most decent people that measures be taken, whatever measures necessary, to break this lawlessness in our country. If martial law is what it takes then so it must be. Our government must give a robust response, with a clear demonstration that any further crime and destruction of this nature will be met by force.

I never, ever thought I would write this, but I seriously believe that decent folk must get out and protect their own neighbourhoods. Gone are the days when this matter could be contained by the statutory authorities: the police were powerless last night to control the rioting mob and if they cannot manage to maintain order then we as citizens must get out and protect our own neighbourhoods, no matter how small, before they are wrecked by opportunist criminals bent on theft and anarchy.

A proposal for emergency laws:

1. A curfew to be called from 8pm until 6am.

2. Explicit policing such as use of water cannons.

3. Powers to enlist citizens – one citizen to one police officer – to go about assisting the police with riot-related tasks.

4. Those attacking the police, fire service or ambulance personnel should be subject to the use of plastic baton rounds/rubber bullets.

5. Emergency powers should include mandatory 10 year prison sentences for those joining the riot.

If the government fails to get a grip of this now we will likely have a right-wing backlash government – such as the BNP – winning a considerable number of seats at the next election.

I don’t know about you, but today, I am ashamed to be British. Please comment on my proposals, tell me what you think.


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