London burns …


The devastation visited upon London is beyond the comprehension of most of us who live elsewhere and so is the reason why this has happened. The situation was not helped by David Cameron and some of his cohorts not returning soon enough, as it seems to most casual observers that a state of emergency should have been declared, complete with a curfew by Sunday evening. The army should have been called out on Monday evening. I feel that David Cameron should resign over this as his appalling lack of attention to this has allowed this situation to spin out of control.

What must be made clear to the youth of London that feel they can commit these actions is that he rest of the population will not tolerate this. They are bringing this situation perilously close to street warfare with some of those opposed to their actions. The sentences for those found guilty must reflect the seriousness of this situation; an example must be made of these people that will act as a deterrent to others tempted to continue this anarchy.
What is even more apparent is that this was completely predictable. Cutting police budgets and manpower at a time when it must have been clear that a deep and difficult recession was upon us is one of the most remarkable blunders that I have ever heard of. It is reminiscent of the withdrawal of seaborne protection for the Falkland Islands that brought the Argentinian invasion. The only difference is that we were able to mount a response to the occupation of the Falklands. It is difficult to see what preventative strategies can be employed to stop this happening again. Water cannons, maybe?

How is this for complete depravity?

It needs no further comment.


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