Paul Daniels injured in Sooty pizza-throwing accident …

Bizzarely, Paul Daniels was hospitalised by Sooty chucking a pizza at him. No, I don’t need anti-psychotic drugs, it’s simply one of those weird stories that emerges from time to time. The magician was appearing in a scene on ‘The Sooty Show’ when he was struck by the flying pizza, sending him reeling and giving him a black eye. The 74 year old was taken to hospital for observation.

The story goes that, after an initial take, Daniels complained that the pizza had not been thrown with enough force. Ever the sticklers for professionalism, Daniels and his co-star – Sooty – gloved by Richard Cadell, went for a second take and this time Daniels was knocked for six. I must say that, when I first read about this, I wondered if it was still in its cast-iron, deep pan.

Daniels was supposedly insistent that the second, more appropriate take should be used in the show. That’ll be nice for the kids!


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