Castaway tropical island floats past Neasden …

Massive hunt in the skies for castaway island …

‘Is Land’ is a lighter-than-air gas-filled sculpture of a desert island that drifted away above the heads of revellers at the ‘Secret Garden Party’ festival recently without anyone seeing it and could be anywhere in the lower strata of the atmosphere by now. Sarah Cockings and Laurence Symonds, Royal College of Art graduates, creators of the £10,000 airborne tropical paradise have urged people to keep a look out for a cone-shaped island complete with palm trees if it floats past their window. The seven metre wide festival attraction was last seen at approximately 03.00 hours on 24th July in-situ over a lake at the Cambridgeshire festival by security guards who saw a boat with two youths in it. They cut the tethering ropes and the balloon began its ascension into the atmosphere.

The homepage at the ‘Is Land’s website reads:

Due to ignorant vandals, the original Is Land is currently floating at an unknown height somewhere within the atmosphere. However what goes up must come down, so the hunt is on. If what looks like a floating chunk of earth turns up in your Nan’s back garden, or if you think you see a new planet intercept your Easyjet flight to the Algarve, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Is Land is made of durable polyurethane with foliage décor and so, if found, can be repaired and go on to make its maiden voyage to the US of A.”

Using modelling tools based around the prevailing weather data at that time, it is possible to see the most likely path the ‘Is Land’ would have been carried along. Click here to view an animated path. Using atmospheric data similar to that used by the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration the creators have predicted that the inflatable may be hovering over the Czech Republic but nevertheless hope it is still in Britain somewhere.


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