Shoesmith deserved the boot …

The Press Association reports that Sharon Shoesmith will likely receive a £1 million pay-off as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision that she was unfairly treated when losing her job at Haringey Council after Peter Connolly’s death.

The report said “Ms Shoesmith’s career was left in ruins after she was removed from her £133,000-a-year post by Mr Balls and then fired by the north London council without compensation in December 2008, after a report from regulator Ofsted exposed how her department had failed to protect 17-month-old Peter – then known publicly as Baby P.”

Sharon Shoesmith’s career was left in ruins by her own lackadaisical performance as head of Children’s Services in Haringey. Ms Shoesmith may have been fired unfairly in a technical sense, but it was the Court of Appeal that rejected her assertion that the damning Ofsted report into her department was also unfair. The report went to considerable lengths to explain that, under her leadership, Children’s Services in Haringey were utterly and completely inadequate and were putting the lives of children at risk in jeopardy. The technicality regarding the manner of her dismissal is merely a debate over how she should have lost her job. This ‘mistake’ merely concerns her right to defend herself. What about Baby Peter’s right to defend himself? She didn’t pay too much attention to that when she was earning over £130,000 a year as the principal practitioner responsible for the safety of that poor child. As such the level of compensation being spoken of would be obscene in the circumstances.


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