It’s a horrible World …

In the last few weeks – in the eye of the storm regarding the  phone hacking that took place at New of The World – the Murdoch’s constant refrain has been how shocked they were at what had happened; how let down they felt, even betrayed: but they had learnt from this treachery.

This apparent contrition makes it altogether a truly shocking claim that the mother of murder victim Sara Payne may have been the victim of phone hacking by the News Of The World . This would mean that, even as News International was publishing the last edition of the paper, and using their relationship with the Payne family on the cover of the final edition, the senior executives knew that Sara Payne had in turn been betrayed by them. The stench of abuse really can’t get much more offensive than that, can it?

Sara Payne was said to be “appalled and disgusted” at the apparent callous behaviour of News International’s senior management. This latest revelation underscores the fact that this matter is not yet fully in the public domain. Indeed, far from diminishing it seems to be growing day by day. Not only is there the criminal aspect of the matter – the invasion of privacy and collusion that brought this about – but then the political fallout too as the all-too-cosy relationships between the political parties and News International comes under scrutiny.  However, the latest news must be the most chilling as it was unquestionably done with the approval of Murdoch, Brooks et al.


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