Sorry … it’s my razor-sharp wit …

According to the pundits in the media, the Murdochs escaped with just bruises after their interrogation yesterday before the Select Committee. For those wondering, more is yet to come, a great deal more. Ex-chief executive of News Corps, Rebekah Brooks allegedly said to her then soon-to-be redundant staff  that “the company had no choice but to close the News of the World because worse revelations about the paper’s activities were yet to emerge”. It may be that her comment refers to police bribery, but who knows – yet?

On a lighter note, an intruder barged into the Westminster committee room where Rupert Murdoch`s and his son James`s testimonies were being heard on Tuesday, and shoved a plate filled with shaving foam at the media baron, temporarily breaking up the session that was nearly two hours over schedule. The man, a comedian called Jonnie Marbles, had clearly lost his. Once again Murdoch emerged largely unscathed, but then he had already had a close shave that day.


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