Life’s a lottery? No, more like Russian roulette for this couple …

Today’s news saw Euromillions winners, Colin and Christine Weir legging it to Spain to escape the first avalanche of begging letters, with the delivery office in Falkirk wondering what to do with the remaining  articulated-lorry load they now believe is undeliverable. No doubt the good folk of Benidorm will be thrilled to have the world’s media – complete with paparazzi – descending on them like a swarm of literary locusts.

I have to say that when I heard on Friday last that the then anonymous couple were going to go public my reaction was one of complete hilarity. “Are they completely barking mad?” I asked myself. Notwithstanding the reason given in much of the press that Mr. Weir doesn’t want to lie to his relatives, you would have thought that his sense of self-preservation might have kicked in. Is he completely oblivious of the potential for kidnapping now that his annual earnings from his win place him in in the top 0.001% richest people in the world?

To my way of thinking the National Lottery should have spent a wee bit more time trying to persuade him not to advertise to the ever-hungry Somali kidnappers that their next diamond and gold-encrusted palace lies only a few thousand miles away on a beach in Spain!


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