31,000 reasons why we shouldn’t market public services …

The final collapse of Southern Cross, leaving 31,000 vulnerable, elderly people at the mercy of the landlords of the individual care homes begs the question as to why the government is broadening the privatisation of public services.

If Cameron has his way, we will see charities and private venture capital companies bidding for, and taking over services currently provided by local authorities and non-governmental organisations. Worse still, the National Health Service is likely to see increasing numbers of consortia of general practitioners in local surgeries taking control of National Health Service budgets. There has been no mention as yet as to whether the consortia of GPs will be protected by law from takeover bids by large companies in the health sector. We could find our doctor’s surgeries being run by BUPA, Compass or even Rentolkil, which is a health service contracting company.

Mr. Cameron seems to be determined to open up core health and education provision to the for-profit sector. We must hope that none of  his ‘vision’ goes the way of Southern Cross.


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