News of the Underworld …

Anyone who watched the London edition of ‘The Politics Show’ could not fail to have been startled by former London mayor, Ken Livingstone‘s allegation of corruption on a monumental scale at The News of the World and News International. This really could be Britain’s own version of Watergate if what Mr. Livingstone says is proven to be true. Just over fifty-one mnutes into the show he said:

“Once this came out in 2009, the Mayor and the assembly should have pursued it, the assembly pursued the Mayor, and what worried me – and it isn’t Yates, and I … we will wait to see what comes out – what worried me was the officer conductiing the investigation and the Director of Public Prosecutions at the time, who took the decision to close it [the investigation against NOTW] down, are both now employed by News International, and this is what really stinks. News International has employed the Director of Public Prosecutions to advise it on how to resist the claims of the people whose phones were hacked and that’s where, I have to say, that this is corruption on a grand scale and I expect senior executives at the News of the World to go to prison.” The Politics Show London, BBC Television, [from 51 minutes and 53 seconds into the broadcast to 52 minutes and 31 seconds] Can be seen on BBC iPlayer at:

No wonder they shut down the paper. If this becomes a criminal case it is not difficult to foresee the Murdoch’s business interests here going into meltdown when the senior executives are sent down.


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