Murdoch and his nepotistic numpties are ‘not fit and proper’ to run BSkyB …

You know, my father would have loved this mess that Murdoch has brought on himself. For around twenty years he refused to buy any product from the Murdoch stable because of the business practises of the ‘dirty digger’, which he felt were against the ordinary man. If the latent fear of many politicians over the last decade to tackle Murdoch over what was happening are anything to go by, my father was clearly spot-on in his estimation. Just watch this video to see what comedian and actor Steve Coogan, who sued the News of the World after it emerged his phone had been hacked, told Newsnight. He said that he is “delighted” the newspaper is closing, and that it is a “victory for decency and humanity”

I don’t think he is far wrong either. News International’s mealy-mouthed management use words like “horrifying” and “deplorable”, but have no concept of the human cost of their crimes rather than the brand “being too toxic” … in other words, profit and loss. My only hope is that this exposé of the News of the World will prevent Murdoch from owning BSkyB outright. This debacle has shown him and his nepotistic numpties to be ‘not fit and proper’ to hold the licence to run the UK’s largest television channel.


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